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Our goal is to Facilitate people in rural areas the access to reliable Solar EnergyMore information

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Sundaya Home System

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Solar Modules

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Rural Electrification

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About brightsun

  • BrightSun was established in 2006 by people with over 30 years of experience in off-grid Solar Solutions, who learned the hard way about the problems that traditional PV technology provoked, and dreamed about designing the possibly closest to “a perfect solution”. By partnering Sundaya, BrightSun finally managed to develop long term Rural Electrification Solutions, self-sustainable, with truly little very maintenance, ideal for Public or Private Rural Electrification Projects. “Anybody who has had any kind of experience with traditional PV Systems, will certainly appreciate our Solution” (Javier Lozada, CEO BrightSun).
    Brightsun Power
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About Sundaya

  • Sundaya was established in 1993 by a team of passionate people who believed in commercializing solar energy in Indonesia. The Company wanted to develop and manufacture personal energy solutions for the 25 million rural households in Indonesia that had no connection to electricity grids. The Company started out slow, but quickly grew into the needs of the developing market. In 1997 the Asian markets took a turn for the worse, and Sundaya started looking for other markets to which could export its products.
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